Trip to Michael’s 

Today I finally made it to 5 Below, and the power was out. I showed up right ad the lights came on, but they made people wait till the registers came on. This led me to Michael’s next door.

A lovely crafty friend gave me two cigar boxes, both wood so I could play with my new woodburner. 

At Michael’s I got these two notebooks and these vials all for $1 each. 

I’m planning on putting more in, but not sure yet what is missing. The notebooks are just a little to wide as well so they will go under the vials when I close it. 

I was also thinking candy or confetti to go in the jars. My dad mentioned colored sand and I’m open to this if I can figure out how. I’m open to a lot of ideas right now.

Happy days. 😍😄😏😜😢🤓 So many emotions going right now.

Oh and 5 Below was…interesting. nothing earth shattering, but may go back for tshirts.