Soul bathtime

This week I had the pleasure of going to a women’s tea, which is a brilliant thing my church hosts once a year. We had a similar one that was more of a Sabbath day, but also had tea. So a bit confusing in lingo terms.

We had one speaker this time and she spoke about many things, but I took away these:

  • Receive your ‘Belovedness’
  • Let your heart speak to God without holding back
  • He can handle it
  • Let God mourn with you
  • You are beloved before you even start ministry or go through hard times. (Matthew 3:16-17)
  • Let God honor your feelings, it helps you to honor them as ell

I was on my period at the time and was whacked out before we even got there. I usually stay home, but that time my heart was just wanting to go and I was right. It was like having a spiritual bath or being at the spa with friends. I enjoyed myself so much, I cried.

We even had this time of prayer and talking to one person. And the both of us were surprised at what the other was praying since it spoke so perfectly to our situations.

I am so thankful to the ladies who made this happen and also to God for encouraging me to listen to my heart. I didn’t spend time socializing, but I didn’t need to. They were already the blessing I needed.