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What do you create?
I like creating….stories. This is in multiple forms, so sometimes that can mean acting or writing or singing out an idea, then I have images that need to be drawn so there isn’t one form.  I also enjoy creating journals and boxes as of late
What do you need to create?
A good journal, a drink based on weather, snacks and some form of music. (Even if this is the rain outside or the wind.)
Coffee or tea?
TEA. Unless I’m at a party and having an after dinner refreshment, then it’s coffee.
Night or day?
Night. Days have too many people.
Where do you find inspiration?
People, videos, manga, really whatever is kind of in my life at the moment.
Routine or wing it?
Oooo, this depends on my cycle…so at times of the month I will have a set list of things I need to do. At other times in my cycle, I wing it.
Typical artistic challenge?
Ugh, if I don’t talk to God or my friend or if I have something I am emotionally working through, I get so very stuck and can’t really do anything. Then I forget and think I’m fine and days or weeks later I haven’t created anything and I break down in tears.
Role models?
Umm…Currently don’t have one. I’m looking to be myself and not imitate at the moment…which is harder then I thought it would be…
Favorite snacks for creativity?
Life cereal, chips in general, sour worms, Baby Ruths, tea of some kind.
How do you push through creative blocks?
Talk to someone about emotional issues. Sometimes I just sit and talk to the walls in my room because I don’t want to hurt someone’s feeling and just want to curse and be mad. Also dancing and singing at the top of my lungs really helps.
Ideal creative day?
Actually starts days in advance. I would have done all the prep items. The day of I wake up when I feel like it, in a hotel room, and talk to God for an hour. Have a snack breakfast, maybe swim in a pool. Go to the spa with friends or just my mum if its the Korean one. *blush* Have a great slow lunch. Go to a garden of some kind and for as long as it takes me do my project. Taking tea breaks and just go until it is finished, scream and run around for 5 minutes to celebrate. Relax as either the sun goes down or watching the stars. Eat some sort of leftover dinner and have a special dessert and tea.
Advice for young artists?
If you do anything artistically, do a bunch of it. Get a CHEAP thing that can record your stuff and just do or say anything. Hide it away if you need to and then let it flow without the consequences of critique from anyone, even you. The more you do, the more your brain adjusts. And if you need help, find the right people, not everyone is looking out for you or knows what they are doing.
Sum up your creative process in one sentence!
GO, GO, GO, nothing, learn a thing, start all over.
(optional) do you have any artistic quirks?
I can get so in my head that I don’t notice people talking to me. I can also literally answer and have a conversation and hours later ask if we even had a conversation. If I’m in the mode, it’s better to just leave me alone.


I wanted to try this challenge by ‘Overall Adventures’. She has been an amazing person in my life right now, and is currently helping me through artistic and personal blocks through her videos which I highly recommend.