‘Voice Over! Seiyu Academy’ Review

‘Seiyū ka-!’ is a manga by Maki Minami that I recently Seiyuu ka cover.jpgfinished and is just incredibly funny and heart pulling. The Story revolves around Hime Kino who just wants to be a voice actor for a favorite show of hers.

There are SPOILERS ahead, so be forewarned. Came out in 2009 though so….

This is ‘Skip Beat’. I say this kindly as I do love both stories, but it is true. I’m not sure when it started but I knew after Senri Kudou, the guy she looks up to and is already in the industry, makes her a horrible omelet. There are so many similar plot and or character moments that it is odd, but this one is completed and moves at a faster pace while Skip Beat is still going annoyingly strong.

The story is different in that with ‘Skip Beat’ she is good at what she does, but simply doesn’t understand love. This young lady, just can’t seem to get her voice to act cute or even sound like a girl. She comes off sounding like an old man. This makes a producer want to use her after she makes her voice sound like a handsome prince. My favorite scene is at the end when she is using all the prince voices and is also able to use her old man voice for the same character.

There is some violence toward her from this Senri Kudou that I just can’t get behind.

Reading it though…I realized that someone I know is a tsundere and it has made talking to them both funnier and easier. They ask me if I want something and it sounds more like a threat than actual choice. With these lenses I find they are so sweet and just want to give me stuff because they love me, but have no clue how to do so nor how to accept their own feelings.

One day I hope to meet the author and say thank you as my relationship with this person is so much better because of this.

On a different note, Senri Kudou’s mother needs to have some therapy, and then her son does as well.  I won’t say anymore about that, but it is very true.

I really encourage this book as a nice snack if you are in between books. There are a lot of light hearted moments, a few feels and just an enjoyable plot.

Second forewarning: The ending is very sudden, but still worth it.