Today I watched the latest Doctor Who episode, ‘Knock Knock’. It was bineural and creepy as heck. Plus it is super windy and we are by a truck kinda area and so 3/4 of the way through and the house shakes and my da comes out of his room and my heart jumped out my chest and my body from my chair. 

I tried to get this close to daylight, but missed my timing so it was dark too.


Hate horror.

The show was about this man trying to keep his daughter alive. 

Through the house.

It’s Doctor Who, don’t question, just watch.

Here she is stuck in this tower, not talking to anyone or going out…she talks about how timing works and the temporary life we live and if it is long and unfilled then it isn’t worth it.

Today, I ignored my body’s needs and let someone else’s needs trump my own.

Watching the episode, seeing this daily post idea and watching the episode….I found that I have been living my life for others in a deeply unsatisfactory way…if I’m not included…if my hurts, attitudes, desires and more are left out…then it’s not worth it. 

This life is so very temporary, no matter what we want to tell each other. 

I want my dreams, desires, and the way I feel when anything happens to be forefront and not simply buried…

I feel like I’m searching for treasure and at the end of the rainbow will be all my dreams and feelings about the world.

…what do I want?