Expiration dates for thoughts

This week I learned a thing.

I don’t always get to be with my friends in the time that it takes for concepts and ideas to go stale for me.

Conversations should be fresh and often I find that I don’t care about somethings afterawhile. And to have a conversation with someone after that time is strange. I do and find random things and my friends would love to know about them, but I honestly I just get done talking about them. I’ve thought about them in my head for too long and am simply done. 

That’s often why my blogs seem short. I just want to talk about something that may be taking too long to get to my geek friend or my HSP friends or any of the others that don’t have any kind of tag. 

I get in front of them and all that info is gone and I seem like a dud friend because I’m just sitting there. I will often just bring a ton at one time and unload gifts, thoughts and random things that I want people to have and enjoy because I have accumulated a bunch. They think it’s weird, but it’s just how I am.