Cloak and Dagger…I need netflix

I really want to see this.

I have a few geek friends, but I want to share this with one in particular right now. I wonder how I could do this…it isn’t my habit to include people into my geekiness unless it is a parent. Not because I don’t think people aren’t interested, but because it is so personal and important to me.

See I thought that the latest X-men movies were good, but when I talked to a bro he brought up how it was sub-par. In that moment I thought he was very right, but also I was upset that he wanted to diss my movies that I had enjoyed. As I said with Rogue One, movies don’t have to be a 5 star restaurant quality every time. They can be just a filling meal or 3 star restaurant on yelp or even just a quick middle of nowhere meal that I will never go to again because I will never be in Kansas again.

This trailer was epic for one simple reason for me.

The amount of color. They had two kids, one black and one white, maybe maybe not in a relationship and they didn’t make it a big deal that their was a color difference. The biggest deal is that they have super powers. THAT is how things should be. If you’re going to have color, don’t make it a big deal. Just let me enjoy the story without shoving down my throat “LOOK, SEE, Hollywood is tolerant.”

Because we all know they aren’t when they have to shout it.