Disney CLOTHES store


So I have enjoyed Disney since childhood, but as an adult if I want to enjoy Disney…it’s different.

No hating, but unless you have the right group, Disney is at best boring and at worst something that is endlessly teased about. (Not so bad for me, other people.)

But here is finally Disney saying to older women, ‘Hey, you like our stuff? Thanks! Here is a thank you. Clothes you don’t have to make yourself and can be worn by anyone.”

Sure, it is very much for the Dapper Day crew. However, it is also nice for those who like Disney period.

Sure, they are a little on the nose with a few things, but still it is an interesting step in the correct direction for me.

My thinking is of course that I would get a ton of accessories and enjoy myself. Also the thought has come to mind to join them and make the clothes a little less 50’s mom and more 50’s cool, but hey that’s just an idea.

ALSO…when is coming to Cali???