May the fourth be with you!^^

May the 4th be with you! Happy Star Wars day!: So Today is the geek holiday and I just wanted to honor it since I always forget. I actually scheduled this in August and it will be awesome not to have missed it and than BAM! May the fourth! However, since it is a geek holiday and not just Star Wars (not anymore at least) I have also got a combo for you:

Doctor Who loves Star Wars, too. May the Fourth be with you. (Even though I still love the Tenth more.):

If you don’t get this his name is Tom Baker, go do your research! 😉

Life is BRILLIANT! Go and savor the fantastic impossible that is out there!

Hmmm…Going to the library sounds a little underwhelming but still, go to the science section and find something new. Not the Sci-fi section. Real science! Be impressed by the world that already exists! Let that glory of life speak for itself!