RTW:winds of change

This afternoon my brother, his wife and kids came over for dinner. 

Sometimes I complain that he is treated better when he comes over, but watching how hard he works with his son…that fell by the wayside tonight. He is a good father and his wife is a mother like no other. She is so chill. 

They are thinking of moving to be with her family in the UK and she’s not the only one. My sister from another mother is thinking of moving to China after school ends this summer to be with her family as well. Financially it may be the right call for both couples. 

Another 2 brothers from other mothers have already moved away and another has just gotten a house. All with wives.

I begin to feel the wind of change. I know for myself I have been desiring to move, but with more of my family deciding on new paths…I begin to see that I’m not alone.

Honestly…I want change. I am happy with the idea of the moving to these countries and other places if it is better for their finances. I miss spending time with them…but I dont miss them. I’m not sure why that is. They are always will be my family, so not seeing them doesn’t hurt. 

I want them successful, if that is in a different country then I will support them with my words. 

If life sucks, change tactics.