Scorpion wedding

Spoilers ahead!

I am so happy about this episode. I was waiting to blog till after I had seen it. 

First things first, Happy and Mr Quinn are finally married! So excited. I’m so glad that these two were able to enjoy a ceremony that really suited them with their “real” family. Weddings should be like that, filled with romance, pretty lights, love, kisses, and things that stab you in the heart to make the feels flow out. (Can’t tell if that was too graphic…)

Secondly….Paige and Walter. 

That escalated quickly.

Thirdly, my all time favorite part was watching Happy bust out her license and Mr. Quinn is in the back like, “love of my life?is there anything else I should know?”

My first thought was, you didn’t know she was married, I would expect a TON of extras.

Finally, I am so excited for them to tell Ralph. (Good job on the rose, buddy!) He might flip in the air and do the hula.

I’m very excited for next week, I think Mr. Quinn is going to be quite pleased about being stick on a deserted island…just sayin.