Finding Greatness

I have been feeling a bit in the dumps as of late and this whole video has been really inspiring for me.

I began to understand that life isn’t about being awesome at whatever someone tells you to be awesome at. I don’t have to be a lawyer or a model, or a basketball player…still haven’t figured out how to get the ball in the hoop.

Point is that when I want to exercise or be creative or do something different I have felt stifled in the past because it wasn’t what other people would think is worth my time.

I had this neighbor and he would take his basketball up and down the street every day and just dribble. It was amazing to see his pride, ability and solid dynamic. He would use two balls or go super fast or switch the 2 balls from hand to hand and it was like having Michael Jordan living on our block.

I wanted to care about something like that.

I want to find something that I could have such a work ethic about that I would do it everyday and differently and just continue doing it.

So this is the one motivational piece that has just itched into my heart.