1 mile and a 1/2

So because I have been so frail and sick ad of late I have instituted the 1 1/2 mile walk everyday. 

I had a good 3 days going until today. 

Yesteady was really good too; I ran/walked.

But last night I had bad stomach issues and I didn’t really sleep, so I woke up late before I had to go and have a full day. 

I guess, for now, that’s good for me.

When I first started writing I had days where I wasn’t always everyday and when exercising it is important to have rest days. 

So I will give myself one day every week as an excuse kind of deal. I will preserve for the 1 1/2, but if I miss I won’t stress. 

This is really happy-making for me. For the first time, it feels like, I am exercising for myself and really by myself. 

I always stopped or started because of otbers. Because I’m skinnier than my friends they get frustrated at me for exercising as if I am all done and don’t need to. 

Sucks to be manipulated such a way.

So now, just for me. 🙂