‘The Ancient Magus’ Bride’

I have this story I like, but I like it because I see myself in it. In ways I hope to explain myself to certain people.

The story is ‘The Ancient Magus’ Bride’ by Kore Yamazaki.


The story is a magic oriented one and is about a magus (let’s just magician as an explanation) who buys/adopts a human girl. She is a ‘sleigh beggy’. Meaning she let’s in a whole lot of magic and let’s a whole lot out as well. At first it seems like he buys her because she is an experiment and gives her a home. Later they become more like family and she becomes an apprentice. The rest of the series is about her trials and errors as his apprentice. (Though nothing like Mickey;)

The thing that makes her different is a bit what makes me different. She sees the spiritual realm. She is able to take in a TON of magic and let it out too, but pays a price for that.

Me, I am able to see spiritually too. I also can take in a lot spiritually speaking and do a lot. But, there are consequences. I have to have a loton of downtime and recover. And just like her my physical can become strained badly. 

It isn’t until she meets the magus that she gets any kind of relief. He gets her tools so that she doesn’t let out or take too much magic. When those break he gets her better ones. He teaches her how to engage with the spiritual world and not be overcome by it. She still pushes herself way too far, but she learns too. 

Same for me, but spiritual stuff instead of ‘magic’. I’m learning how to engage with this spiritual realm and not be overcome by it. I hated this world and didn’t want to be part of it because my spiritual gift was mishandled, untrained and thus I was drowning everyday.

I appreciate this story so much. 

In the story she has a major problem and says “I need to find the way forward.”

This is my next step. 

I know what I want to do…however, I need that first step to get into that particular stream. I need to find my way forward as well…and I want to find it today.

Shall this also be my day of Resurrection?

Happ Easter all.

(As a sidenote, this series is filled with magical ideas and should not be read by new Christians or those with a prediction and feel they could get sucker in. This 6th will also be the last I read as it has an influence on me that is not agreeable, like eating something bad and your intestines feel it later…but spiritually speaking. 🙂 )