I’m not sure if I have posted this, but I simply love crossovers and wanted to share this. Possible SPOILERS!!

I really loved Oliver and Felicity and if you haven’t watched this episode, it is really great. They are officially a couple at this point and are going strong. Barry Allen shows up for a little more training, it is ALL good. Thing is, the person who made the montages really speaks to me. TAll the extras shows the put in are shows that I watch, for the most part (not parks and rec, just can’t.) and overall they put the exact reactions in that are so perfect. The addition of Burton Guster from Psyche really took the cake… or pineapple if you prefer.

Either way, this is some quick funny because tomorrow won’t be funny and yesterday wasn’t funny and I need to find a ton more funny. I feel like the try guys trying on high heels. I am pretending all is well, but my feet hurt sooooo bad. There’s cursing so watch if that doesn’t bother you: https://youtu.be/tvN4DwEbapM