The little book of hygge

The Little Book of Hygge: The Danish Way to Live WellThe Little book of Hygge is a book I have been waiting for in my quest to bring the spirit of Hygge into my own life.

Honestly, I was….

This book was written by a guy who heads up a company who finds out about happiness and what it takes to get those things and hygge is a massive part of this. I know I am not quite saying this correctly, so please forgive me. Goodreads says: Meik is CEO of the Happiness Research Institute in Copenhagen.

This is where I get a little lost for how I feel. As a book it is simply beautiful to look at and hold and is packed with good information. However there are a lot of spots where it seems like it is simply a lot of information and more like a textbook. The other negative is that this is written for people who have a specific climate. As a Californian the odds of me having many days to have a relax in front of the fire with a ton of blankets, wool socks and a hot beverage are a lot smaller than the Danish people. Mr. Wiking does put in a few ideas on how to live in any climate, but the emphasis is so majorly on a colder climate it is harder to enjoy.

I took a lot of pictures, library book, for reference later on things I want to really sit with.

All this aside, I had a moment where it had been a bad night, I was up at like 5 am shivering because of a lack of food (be careful with vitamins!) and I got some ramen and read this book. It really focused me in that moment to build a world for myself that is full of care, love and warmth.

My mixed feelings are eclipsed in this moment of too much information, but providing in a great way for me in a moment of need.