Bullet journaling…nvm

I have finally realized why I can’t get into bullet journaling. I think it is a great thing to have, honestly and I always enjoy Lucie Fink. Thing is, when I make it for myself I really dislike it. When I have a journal I like to put my thoughts in that moment on that page and be done with it. Mayvbe come back to doodle if there is space, but that is it.

To go back and forth over that page again and again makes me feel stifled creatively and honestly bored. I used to have such a packed schedule at school and now that I don’t I feel free to enjoy my days one at a time.

If I’m going to have a daily book like this, I want it printed on paper hat I bought, like Lucie suggests. I am not the person to sit there and really stylize my letters and add colors and such, it’s just not me. I get bored and intimidated and don’t think it looks nearly as good as other people, and that is what I am looking for.

So this week I am cutting out the pages I tried in my notebook and putting them elsewhere and moving on. It is hard, but what is best. For anyone who does it consistently…ugh I’m jealous. 😉