‘Paris Can Wait’

This goes right in the same vein as the Lucie Fink video. Here’s this European guy out to have some fun. Pretending like they don’t know where they are going and not knowing who they are. How fun does that sound? However, unlike most teen/college movies, they end up having actual fun. They enjoy dancing and GOD THE FOOD! Looked exceptional. They go where the wind takes them and actually get to enjoy it. My parents are…different people compared to the rest of the world I mean. One thing they both instilled in their own way was how to do things differently. Mi Madre is always up for a road trip or a little detour to a place that is a bit far, but will have tasty/fun things. Mi padre is more about planning great moments. He will work hard but will push for a bit more extravagant of an adventure like rock climbing or sky diving. 

It is actually a bad smell when I have people who are too focused on “living their lives”, but seem more like they are just grinding it out. Like the thought of having to get job so you can get a car but you need a car for a job. Or you need experience to get a job but need a job to get experience. On top of that they aren’t having fun!

I feel so empty when it comes to personal satisfaction in this category and really thought I had to wait for friends to enjoy it. Now…I’m just bored waiting for my friends to either:

  1. Grow up and learn that it’s better to enjoy themselves.
  2. Change to be people that are more risk taking
  3. Make time with me to do these things.

I have a friend who invited me out on a cool ecxursion and I said cool, but then she said how often she goes and I felt a little annoyed and like a mafia boss staring at someone who betrayed their trust. She goes so often, but doesn’t tell me about it. Otherfriends have trips and I’m not going to invite myself so if they don’t offer, WE don’t have adventures together. 

And isn’t that a basic in friendship? 

The adventures can be different whether it is light like a group outing to play or a singular thing to have conversations in nature or cooking together! 

Here and now I am forgiving all past friends for not being themselves and thus BORING, and I repent myself for not being myself and thus boring (and I forgive it to πŸ˜‰

But with this no more waiting for friends. On the train when it leaves the station or not. This train waits for no man! (I feel like I’m combing two different tv/movie quotes and it is really jamming me…) πŸ™‚