Lucie Fink

Lucie Fink is my favorite simply because she tries new things, especially things we all kinda want to know more about but not necessarily invest in. Monkey see, monkey do is sometimes the best option. I don’t like being the first to jump in a metaphorical pool, but will often do so after I see a friend do it. 

Moment: went to a college pool party and at some point everyone just hoped in fully clothed. (Didn’t know before hand it was a pool party, just a get to know.) This love of the moment and adventure and fun has stuck with me. I don’t have many of these moments, but I treasure them when they arrive.

However! What Ms Fink brough up is so vital to my wellbeing. Adventuring, trying new things, being creative, doing as opposed to just thinking. Daydreaming is important like reading and has its own extras like hygge and tea that enhance the experience and bind it to the soul. Doing adventures should also have their own way to bind to the soul. 

This is what I want to explore in my life. It is why I have a “this year book”. All the things that are vital on continual basis to boost my soul, and every day stuff and huge stuff were my staples. I think I need to go deeper, like medium soul level and look for things that aren’t part of the every day for me. That aren’t really more the enjoyable 2-3 months kin of things. Like when you need to clean your mattress or cut the lawn or your hair. Doesn’t have to be everyday, but it shouldn’t be every 6 years!