Holly Journals

This month I have found a subscription box that I MUST have. ‘Holly Journals’ sends you a notebook with pens and a few treats, however! The notebook is handmade and is totally different from anything I have seen before. This video shows a woman unboxing one of them:

And the website: http://www.hollyjournals.com/

I think there are three great things about this aside from the cute notebook.

  1. Free shipping in the U.S.
  2. There is a mini one that is only $20
  3. The website has old ones as well so I’m not stuck with just the random one that comes up that month. I mean, what if I don’t like what is in it? I’m all for surprises, but that is way too much like roulette for my tastes.

I do not like the ring part of the notebook. I prefer notebooks that look like books or are smaller and thus have the one thread going down the binding. However, because of the addition of the journal charm it really takes away from the usual feel of cheapness that I get when looking at ringed binders. (It also is about having that sit on my wrist, but I digress. I plan to wait to see what the April one is and then go ahead and get the mini one. I like the smallness as well as I already have too many notebooks without uses yet and I don’t really have the extra dough for a $40 notebook at the moment. Have a few more crucial items to get first. 🙂