The ‘Friendzone’

Cursing ahead if it bothers you.

I really enjoy this series; a lot of the things I am thinking show up here.

For me, people come in a variety of categories: family, friends, partner, associates, strangers are just a few. Men often want to be my romantic partner, but what they don’t know is that the man who gets that space will have to be friend, family AND partner.

Not just romance.

When they don’t want to be friends and just head to my lower regions, it makes me see that they aren’t the ones for me because they can’t even respect friendship.

Friendship is awesome! Two people saying lets be in each other’s lives and be there for one another. The two are ‘similarly weird’ is how the video said it. I NEED these people in my life. People who are just good together and ‘love and romantic love are different but equal’. I love that phrase! Love is so amazing and wild and has variety so why limit it to just romantic or sexual love? Respect all the loves! Not just the ones that you think you need! Many people don’t even get married and that isn’t because thy don’t want to, some people get married and they don’t want to! Romantic love is only part of our hearts and when you ignore it, than you ignore a great portion of yourself and other people.

I have so many people that I would love to have greater, deeper or simply more fun relationships, but they are so focused on me being ‘the best friend’ or ‘the one’ that they can’t enjoy what we are naturally.

And that is so very sad