‘Dolly Ki Doli’ vs. ‘Heartbreakers’

[Possible SPOILERS!!]Heartbreakers Poster

In 2001, a movie called Heartbreakers came out. It is a story about a young lady and her mother who con men by marrying them and then taking their fortune. Most of the time they get out of the marriage by having whoever is not married to him pretend to be cheating and get caught, thus allowing for a ‘clean’ divorce.

Dolly Ki Doli PosterIn 2015, a movie called Dolly ki Doli aka Dolly’s palanquin about a woman and her gang who marry unsuspecting men and then take their valuables and leave. They accomplish this by having one guy scout out the men, Dolly then gets them hooked, they get married and then she drugs the whole family and they take everything in the house. Jewelry, furniture, clothes even! All is taken and then, on to the next city.

The plot of these movies is something that isn’t really new in Bollywood. Priyanka Chopra’s 7 Khoon Maaf is still a movie I both want to see and am too scared to see. However, that is death, the black widow theme, and that can be seen everywhere. The story of a woman who marries to steal money is not really a thing in Hollywood.

That weird to anyone else?

We all talk about women who marry a man for his money and split and even people who do it for a job, but there really aren’t that many movies that are like this. That’s why when I watched Dolly Ki Doli I began to look for them. Heartbreakers was the only one that came up on a quick search on Google.

Maybe it is too hard to get a protagonist that everyone will root for…

In Heartbreakers, Page (Jennifer Love Hewitt) ends up falling in love with the guy that she’s married to. It is easy to see her mom as a villain who is using her daughter to stay in a life of crime. Easy to root for Page to become better.

In Dolly Ki Doli, Dolly (Sonam Kapoor) isn’t preying on good men. For the most part they are stuck-up, corrupt, vile, or arrogant men who can just as easily just get their insurance to pay for everything. The only thing they seem to lose is face. She’s not going after good men or poor men, so it is easier to look at her more like the men from Dhoom 1,2 or 3. She is more like Robin Hood, stealing from the rich…she just keeps it for herself. It’s easy to like people like that. Sure, if we met her in real life we would steer clear, but this is the movies! We sometimes root for the bad guy! And honestly, who wouldn’t root for Hrithik Roshan in Dhoom 2? Then you even find out how it all started and you feel bad for Dolly!

But these are very specific reasons for liking these characters. It may be very hard to enjoy the character as a protagonist without very specific excuses to do so.

I loved both movies. Thought Heartbreakers was way more PG-13 than Dolly ki Doli. I did enjoy watching Dolly on the run and that special guest?? Wow, so cool. The ending did take me a bit by surprise, but it was still a cool ending. More Dhoom than I was expecting, but still cool. Heartbreakers though? Look forward to the ride of into the sunset…or maybe the stars?