Vegas Buffets, I need it.

I won’t always post these, but I really want to do this. 

Vegas is one of those places I need to go to with like minded individuals who want to eat, dance and explore. 

  1. Blue man group
  2. Buffets
  3. Dance clubs
  4. Hotels
  5. The pools that are like oceans and party clubs
  6. The shopping
  7. The sheer randomness of it

All these things equal awesomeness to me.

Personally I do like variety so I would go with the Wicked Spoon if I had to pick one of these. But man! $9 for a buffet? That is brilliant. How??

It’s on my list for this year to go to Vegas and honestry it is at the point where I am going to force someone to go with me. XD Not really, it’s boring if they don’t want to be there, trust me, I’ve been down that road twice!