A riddle

4 men sit in a room; a king, a priest, a rich man and a solider. The three men turn to the solider and command him to kill the other two men. Who lives and who dies?

This riddle was on Game of Thrones and when pressed the riddler says, who the solider is doesn’t matter. It is what men believe that matters. If the man beloved that one of the men could provide for him better in some way, whether it is gold, a free heart or fame, it would be who he BELIEVED could do the best and not who actually could.

Or he could chosee none of them or kill all of them.

The point I have found for myself is this: how much do I do simply because I believe it to be true, even if it isn’t. My mind knows that certain things are bad for me, but somethings I do anyway. 

I choose not to engage with motorcycles even though they are something I most desire and yet because I believe that it would hurt mi Madre to engage, I don’t. I don’t do many things simply because another person has placed their own personal death line in the sand. If crossed than suffer the consequences!! However, what ARE those consequences in reality?

Will she abandon me? Toss me out and say you may never return to our house? If I believe it to be so than what is the difference between that and reality? I have built a NEW reality.

How ridiculous.