PaprikaOkay, this was a strange one. Paprika is a story about a bunch of psychiatrists who create a machine that can help them help their clients to understand their dreams. This isn’t the first time I have seen this. In ‘Leverage’ they talked about this but it wasn’t real:
It was a great episode, but this movie takes it to the point of being a real thing. Having dreams that your therapist helps you deal with, is more than a bit strange.
I didn’t hate it.
Nor did I fully appreciate it in ways that I think most people enjoy Japanese stories. It was a bit too…cerebral? Strange? Not sure. There was violence and a very strange sex scene that wasn’t even sex…I don’t even want to TRY to explain it, but it did make me uncomfortable. I fast-forwarded.
I did enjoy them playing around with the concept of dark versus light and really looking at what you yourself are trying to say to yourself. We all dream and sometimes we can be a lot more cryptic than we would be to other people and I think that is because in reality we don’t want to talk about this stuff. It can be painful or uncomfortable and so we dream it. Other times we are processing the little things we see that are part of something else. I so often will see something from another person and later dream about it because my mind is trying to process what I saw. Sometimes it is simple. Other times it really does mean nothing or isn’t my business. All of it goes to God, either way.
The movie was okay, I liked the fact that Paprika was able to pass through things in a different way than a normal person could. They also never explain Paprika, so if you watch, be prepared for that. There is a lot of innuendo, but I didn’t feel like I had to focus to hard on anything. Though it had the strangeness of a movie dealing with dreams, at its core it was simply a mystery, and those can be good in the right season.