I want a crew!

You know the difference between homegirl (or boy) and crew? This song is so it. 

I have one person of whom I would call my homegirl. (Others might call this person a ‘ride or die’ which is the person who will take you in if you lose your house or be there with the gun and ice cream if a person breaks your heart.) I just say homegirl and I REALLY don’t need more than one. 

But I find myself wanting a crew. This is a mix of people (male and female, who aren’t necessarily dating each other) share your ideals and party with. You can share what you like, dance till dawn, ride around town with causing your kind of mayhem, or sit doing nothing but laughing at the sky.

I have consistently had some form of crew since…3rd grade? Sometimes it was just three of us other times it was like 15. 

God has me cutting down on relationship’s that are superfluous, but also the ones that aren’t giving me life…which is many of them it is flipping me out. I SERIOUSLY JUST WANT TO BE NORMAL AND IT’S LIKE GOD JUST WON’T ALLOW IT! 

I mean sure I wasn’t happy, but at least I was comfortable. Now I’m uncomfortable, but happy. It’s way too odd.

Point is, I’m looking for a crew that could be my party crew. My homegirl ain’t down for midnight soirees downtown or chillin at a pub for a set of pool. And I don’t want her to be. She’s cool and funny the way she is.

But how does one find crew that is healthy, adventurous and down to dance in the rain types or have supermarket cart races without all the hooking up, drugs and alchohol bits? Or crimes like larceny or grand theft auto. I like being wild, but in a way that doesn’t get me shot or in jail. Would I love to go to a drag race with friends? Uh yeah, but will I get arrested if I go? I don’t know!?

Point is that my crews before have always been in a “pushed together” kind of thing. Like so many hours at school or church and crews naturally appear.

Now I’m and adultπŸ˜ΆπŸ˜πŸ˜‘πŸ˜’πŸ˜πŸ˜₯πŸ˜žπŸ™ƒ and I have no idea how to get people who live near enough where it isn’t a stretch to hang but far enough where it ain’t everyday. I’m still an introvert who needs to be plugged onto the charger for a day…or two. 

That pull of ‘we have to spend long hours in the same location’ can really bond people!