Finding hygge

This picture is from

And it is very much how my mind and soul work. Not just when I’m reading either. When I talk to people and when I go to the ocean. 

It is difficult for me to want to meet a guy and fall in love because my mind and soul work this way. I want a partnership that doesn’t simply recognize that this exists, but flows with it. 

God and I play and it is like this picture, so I thought I could go on in this life without another person to enjoy this with. It seems very lonely though. I don’t really want to do this. 

Stargazing with friends, dancing for what feels like forever to Sinatra and Ludacris in the same night, making and eating cookies with the besties, going for long walks around the block, staying up talking about everything that we enjoy or are interested in.

I want these things to surround my inner world; not be the main part of it. Like milk and sugar to tea or garlic and oil to steak. They aren’t the maindish, but they do make it sparkle.

In the past few days I have had this thought: I want a life that is filled with I want to try and what I enjoy instead of the recommendations of others. 

Those recommendations were fun and cool, but most didn’t provide the hygge that I was looking for, so now I want to try my own thoughts out and look for and find the hygge that sparules and bases my life. 😶