Feminism…my way.

I love this so much.

People alays say what a feminist looks like, but really it is so simple:

A woman who is where she want’s to be.

I know so many people who are depressed, mad, and all kinds of harried and horrid simply because they are just going with the flow, not taking a moment to find what they want to be and do and then going for it. Then choosing to enjoy it. 

Happiness can really be a choice sometimes. Setting yourself up for it is important sure. For example I know that I am a thinker and love a good book and tea, but I often ignore the experiencer side of myself that needs to go to the beach or try something new or plan a vacation or jump out of an airplane again. 

If I try to be happy while serving other people, it won’t happen. Too bitter and resentful still. I hope to get to a better place, but that isn’t now. …and now is all I have. 

Listening to my BFF in high school tell me that she couldn’t see me as a housewife was just as hard as listening to a sister like person tell me she had a dream where I never married, but instead was a CEO type with a fashion house. None of these are really taking ME into account. Neither of those women are in my life now…they chose to leave.

And that isn’t okay, but it is what it is.

They didn’t know how much I love tea and curling up with a book or notebook and either seeing the world or expressing my own. A housewife could take the time to do that. Plus I love the idea of having a home that I create with a partner and we play and enjoy our lives. Maybe he come home to me with pearls, a 50s dress and high heels and we play ‘Mad Men’ or ‘If a man Answers”. Or maybe he comes home and I’m not thereally because I’m at the beach with friends. I don’t know. But the stigma of what a woman should be if she is tall, attractive and smart is just as bad as any other stigma. I should go where I want, not where I’m told.