Blaming germs…what now?

Last night I had…a mental change

There is this thing that happened to Jesus with his disciples. They asked him “who sinned, this man or his parents?”

Jesus looks at them sideways. This is the God of the universe in human form, who made mitochondria, blood cells, light, the sun, so many awesome things and these guys are trying to use their kid blocks and put the square block into the square hole. Meaning blame.

I do it too. Ha. More than is healthy. 

MI Madre used to say that if I was unhealthy it was because my belief in God wasn’t there or that I wasn’t speaking enough word, I wasn’t praying enough. It’s sad because the people who taught her also believe the same thing still. She’s not as she was but the construct of blame and guilt still runs thick in me. (Yes, I have watched ‘Return of the Jedi’ recently. How could you tell?)

Last night as I had a cold try to sneak up on me and my throat hurt so badly that I just didn’t even want to move. …I remembered my science major friend.

Germs can be there for weeks before you notice symptoms. They are just there, can’t fight that. ANY thing can and does try to harm us. Not trying maybe, in the way that Loki tried to kill New York, but still is the freeway to get us to death.

I shrugged her off, but it finally has gotten through my brain. Germs are just that. They are there and blaming myself for their ability to abuse my body is as illogical as getting mad at myself that the wind caused a storm that takes out my electricity or any number of bad scenarios like this. 

Think a little further on this. What if we equated depression with allergies or cancer with unforgiveness. Allergies are normal and the right system to handle symptoms is system one times the best you can do. Sometimes you grow out of it, or maybe it lessens, it could be genetc and your whole family has to deal with it every spring. Does that make it sin? What about ubforgiveness that slowly attacks a person from the inside, both good and bad stuff, and only a complete change in diet, exercise and lifestyle or chemo or some new experimental drug can heal a person of it? Sometimes people survive, sometimed they dont. Does that make it sinful? Are they horrible people?

Don’t be blind or stupid. 

Jesus turns to the blind man in the story and puts some paste on him and heals him (John 9). That simple. He doesn’t tell this guy, “ooo you messed up, guess you’re stuck that way!” 

If my doctor had said, “oh you took care of a little kid and got his germs and now you are sick? Well, you shouldn’t have helped him in the beginning!” I’m pretty sure my best course would have been to RUN from that doctor, before I hit him in the face…or mi Madre did. 🙂

Just a thought, our minds can lust, our souls can murder, out hearts do just the craziest mess…yet we treat them like slaves that need to be whipped into submission.

Instead of our bodies that need to be cleansed to keep the worst away, and then treated if the germs do get in, and then move on.

Clean, heal, move on, pass it on. Simple. 🙂