Watch us!

Phew, I now know how to embed a video whilw using my phone. Thank goodness for google…and this guy:

I saw this vid probably the second day and boy did it stir me. I REALLY don’t like the Grammy’s or Oscars or any of it. I get that those people need encouragement and it is good to have something to aim for but…everything is always basedan on “last year”. 

Meaning: some guy did super well in a film, but another guy is dying or old or something so they give him the award. Next year, the actor who should have gotten the award gets the award even though his current movie sucks and made passable money. But they had to because of “last year”.  

On top of this, the science fiction that isn’t one guy on Mars, but is a bunch of superheros or a group trying to return a ring (fantasy, I know) they don’t give it to those guys. The things that make the most money are overlooked as if they are McDonalds! (Which is a fine snack to me!) 

Point is, I like that we can be creative and not have a production compay backing us. It could just be ONE person on a cell or 2 friends and their macs or a group of friends or family members who have some a whole bunch of tech.

And we all capture this life of ours. 

And that to me is awesome.