My wish

Funny how these are called weeds when they are so cute. So wild and free-like. When I captured this it took so many tries because I wanted to capture it with the glow of the sun.

This is what I want. No matter how I try to avoid it, there are certain thing’s I do and don’t want in life and one of the wants are wishes. The ability to wish and imagine, dream, love, sparkle and let a type of magic that has nothing to do with occult enter into my life. Kind of like wind and gravity. Not occult but when you’re plummeting from a plane, skydiving, it is awesome. Jumping in bounce house or letting a gust of wind strole though me, these are wonderous. 

They are my magic and my wishes.

…and I want to protect them, how fragile they can be. Yesterday I woke up to God telling me how to protect my loves. I feel my time as solely living as one who sleeps is ending. 

I don’t want to be lost like I was 4 years ago though. Living with this Rock of mine, I wonder how it will be to be so soft as he is hard instead.