‘The girl who leapt through Time’

Image result for 'the girl who leapt through time'This is a movie and a novel by Yasutaka Tsutsui.

I have literally been waiting 2 years for this film from the library. I have no idea as I was about 17th in line however, it just would not come.

Honestly I was not impressed, but as I spent so long waiting for it I felt beholden to write about it. (Also I am watching ‘Elementary’ right now so my language is a bit more Sherlock Holmes-esque)

The plot is fairly simple. A young lady gains the ability to move through time as she likes. She uses this in many ways, sometimes as simply as going back so that she may do karaoke for 10 hours others to help her friends. But it all starts when she gets hit by a train because her brakes fail on her bike.

This is her first experience with going back in time.

You know, to the point where she is not dead.

There is a major surprise close to the end and the door is left open for another story, but overall there is so much of ‘normal life’ that has nothing sci-fi about it that I got a little bored. It was cute sure, and it was fine because I put it on as background noise, but I don’t think a story should just be background noise. It should be about enjoying a story.

Also the story was left sowide open it felt like there was no wall there at all. Just this open space where a wall should have been to finish the house. That’s not okay in my book.

I want to read, see and write stories that are a full house. Even if it may not quite end the way I would like, shoddy endings are not okay. It is one of my greatest pet peeves I think.

In my book it is one to skip.