Man, he is funny.

If I’ve shown this before…I’m not gonna apologize. Men with kittens is just so sweet. (Cursing involved.)

This past week, a group of us were talking about sports right? And they got to me and I just straight up had nothing to say, so I sent them all this picture on their phones in the middle of the conversation:

Image result for me regarding every sport everI thought about this when I met this guy awhile ago. weird moment, long to explain but we were at this bar and I watched the tv pretending I liked the soccer game that was on and in the middle of me pretending he said ‘I don’t like any sports whatsoever.’

This set me free in that moment. He was a geek so we had loads of other things to talk about and by the end of our talk something changed in me.

Why be the woman who is pretending interest in something just to ‘take care of a man’…or anyone. Same goes for my friends, family and church. I don’t need to pretend to enjoy or care abut something to make you love me. That is not only unfair, not love but hurtful. I see no one trying to pretend to like Doctor Who (Well, maybe mi madre, but she’s it) nor art or books that I like. I like radical honesty. I think it is not only refreshing put important so we don’t end up resenting the people that we are supposed to love and who love us. I got the concept of radical honesty from this video. WARNING: Loads of cursing and things that are not even PG-13. You have been warned.