Non Religious Confessionals Should Be a Thing

So this does have cursing; if it bothers you I will be summarizing on the bottom.

This concept astounds me. Imagine having a place that you can just unload all the things you are feeling and/or thinking and there are no repercussions, no hurt feelings and you get a nice response back of how many other people feel the same as you do.

I’m not Catholic, but I have always wanted to go to a confessional and just talk it out with a priest. Not because I need his forgiveness, I get that straight from the source, thank you. It’s because it would be nice to tell a stranger who is not involved with any of your life, what’s up.

Sure I have friends and family, now, who hear me out on what I am thinking and feeling, but it wasn’t always like this. I didn’t really hear from God personally and it was hard to know if I was getting through my ceiling into heaven. Plus, it is kind of hard to talk though an issue with the person you have an issue with, when it can sound bad. For the most part I am really just stumbling through the dark trying to find my light switch and when that happens I want someone to just listen and if that person is right there, how easy is it to kick them in the face without meaning to?

Having someone who isn’t trying to ‘help’ me through my feelings or isn’t connected would be nice. I don’t need a therapist or even a mentor and teddy bears can only go so far. 😉 I just want to talk and there may be a lot and rambling and personal. I don’t want to tell my secret sex fears to my friend or mi madre. Or if I were afraid of clowns for some reason, or something like that, they’re just small things that no one but someone who is never going to see me again can no about. Sure God knows, but I don’t want to discuss it.

Which is silly I know. 🙂

The other side is when I have something I want to talk about like a guy I like, the problem becomes that the person who I tell now looks at them differently. In the past this meant they gave me the look every time he showed up.  This creepy one:

Image result for when our friend sees your crush

Not okay.

I may like him for a solid day or a week or a year but I will most likely get over it if it is a crush because I know he isn’t the one I will keep. The one I keep I will act and talk about WAY different. I don’t want to have your face following me around. I just want to like the guy for a bit and that is it. I don’t want you to analyze every time I talk about him. (I suddenly see that I am not over a friend’s behavior who I am no longer friend’s with…that you used to really piss me off…huh.)

If I could just go to a booth and say, ‘hey, so I platonically like this guy I go to church with and really I think it is just that he is one of the few guys who respects me and doesn’t avoid me because he thinks he will suddenly rape me nor does he look at me like he WANTS to rape me.’ By the time the conversation was done I would get to the end and say ‘….huh, you know, I don’t think I actually like him romantically. I just really appreciate his behavior. Thanks for listening while I talked that through.’

And that would be it. And I could move on.

Cuz that’s just what I need…to talk it out without it meaning anything while I am doing so.