Basara(manga) vol1 Cover.jpgBasara is a story by Yumi Tamura that has intrigued me as of late. After reading ‘From Far Away’ I switched to this story. It is about a young lady who is a twin that at birth is called a child of destiny. Her brother is supposed to save the world really…but he dies. She takes his place and leads a revolution.

But, funny story, she falls for the one guy she is trying to kill and he falls for her as well, the one person HE is trying to kill.

Cuz, you know, that’s what happens when you are trying to pretend you are a boy and HEY it’s a manga. Things don’t have to make so much sense. It’s a bit like a soap opera, who cares if the guy is actually the lost uncle of the niece that he is about to marry, but who is secretly trying to kill him for his money. The point is the story is good. (Whoa, I made that last sentence up but I’m pretty sure that is from a Springer show…)

Moving on. I am not finished, I am at volume 13 and they have STILL not figured out who the other is. The story itself is kinda violent and odd. See, the thing is that is post-apocalyptic and set in Japan, but it gives the feel of a medieval landscape. So there are kings and peasants and slaves and such, but no guns, but there are cannons. Mostly they stick with arrows and swords and there is no real magic but people play at having it, but fortune telling is pretty on point. It feels like a bunch of things that the author wanted to have and shook a die to pull out certain things. I get that the cannons may have survived but if the skyscrapers didn’t then how did the cannons?

Moving on. I like the story but there are several people I wish would die off and quick. There are so many sad points (think Game of Thrones) but there also so many megalomaniacs in this one it seems like a spin off of ‘From Far Away’. I know they are the same genre, but I REALLY don’t like evil people who just mess up everyone. King Ukon seems to be the real problem for EVERY FREAKING BODY. He MESSED UP ALL of his children and for what???!!!

So Done.

I am rooting for the two main characters and I even see how they can get around the hating each other. It would take work but who isn’t up for a little elbow grease, love and pixie dust! Hahaha. Just kidding, they need God on this one.

It seems they also have an anime which I may check out once I am done with the manga, but we shall see. As I said it is fairly violent and it would be different for a moving picture as opposed to my own head, which can PG things up.

Ageha is probably my favorite character and at this point I just hope he makes it out of the story alive. He has a past and I think I know what it is at this point but I will let myself be surprised.

On a side note, there is no one named Basara in the whole book (so far), but in Japanese it means Devil Kings, which is fitting once you find out about all the smaller kings. Really looking forward to the rest…sorta I really don’t want it to end on a bad note with 100 more main characters dead….