TBT: Day of Silence

Yesterday wasn’t so bad so I figured I could do a throwback.

When I had just gotten out of high school I was a wreck and what I wanted most was to hear from God. I spent ages doing all I could, but mostly I was just tired of hearing from this supposed God of the Universe, Bridegroom, Comforter through EVERY BODY ELSE!

So I pulled a biblical principle.

I spent a day as a monk.

No food. No drinks but water. Alone in my room. NO TALKING.

Best and worse day of my life in so many ways.

I don’t really do fasting. My metabolism is such that it can be detrimental to me. Plus my attitude sucks. So that whole, ‘make it seem like you aren’t fasting’, doesn’t work for me.

However, this day I did. Probably the last time since then as well.

By the next day I came out glowing. My mother had never seen such peace on me before. I didn’t hear from God that day but it did open the floodgates for me to hear from him.

This past week I spent a day in my room and it was very similar to that day. It was just God and I, though this time I had food and drinks and did all kinds of talking to him.

HSP have one thing in common, we take in all around us.

We need down time to let go of all of that. To listen not to the voices around us, but whatever voice we desire. This may be our own heart, God, books or movies, music…the real point is to let those things out.

This majorly includes us sleeping so as to let our minds and souls process what we have received. The more time that has gone by the more time we need to relax and let our minds and souls have the space to process. For me this means sleep. I have tons of dreams both conscious and unconscious and find myself refreshed and ready for the next day.

Looking back I was such a wreck from not EVER taking time for myself that it is no wonder that I needed this day of silence.

I was able to silence all the voices both good, bad, positive and negative, but mostly everything.

I learned how to give myself and God space to speak.

It was only the first day of what would end up the beginning of an almost 10 year journey to who I am now. Learning who I and God are and how we relate to one another.