Spoilers: S.H.I.E.L.D.

Ward’s back.

If you don’t watch Shield than you don’t understand how annoying this is. Ward is like having every villain comeback from the dead and keep coming. He’s like a parasite that just won’t stay dead. Seriously, he has died about twice now? And now he’s back I just want this guy to stay off my screen.

The actor on the other hand is really good. He is the type of actor that can make you really dislike them. If I met him on the street it would be difficult not to treat him with disrespect without thinking, ‘he’s just an actor, he’s just an actor.’ He’s that good.

There are so many actors that are like that. They are not just good at being bad, they are good at making you not like them. In some cases (looking at you Hiddleston) they make you like them when you really shouldn’t be liking them. Which makes for difficult conversation when people ask you who your favorite characters are and most of them are bad guys.

I really dislike that, changing topics slightly. There are people who root for satan, who legit just hates humans, but people say gets a bad rap. There are people who hate God, who legit loves us, but Satan has done a massive smear campaign on.

And all I want to do is like a CHARACTER in a story who isn’t real and yet I am the weird one.

Now that I think about it, I really want to give weird looks back to people who think I’m weird for liking characters. If this guy were real than yeah, ‘off with his head’ but this isn’t real life. It is a story and in it I get to enjoy seeing the side of a person who was raised all wrong, lied to and got messed up because of it. Did he need to take out New York? No. Do I still like him because of the amazing job Tom Hiddleston does portraying him? Yes. Yes, I do.

There is no need to look down or question a person’s liking of characters. Do I look weird at all my friends who adore Hannibal Lector? No. Do I think it odd? Yes. Do I think my friends who like horror shows are strange? Eh, not really. Do I want to watch with them? NOPE.

We like what we like. Just ‘smile and wave’.

But, seriously, I wonder how long it will take to kill off Ward this time.