Happy late Library Lover’s Day

Sorry this is late.

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This is actually an Australian thing: https://alia.org.au/libraryloversday

However, how am I supposed to pass up such an opportunity?

Pintrest has loads of ideas on ways to celebrate and enjoy the day. As I was locked in my room for most of the day, taking a personal after a long day at Disneyland I missed out on celebrating. So this week I will be going to a different library from my main one and enjoying the fruits of a wonderful city. Seriously Los Angeles County is an amazing library.

(Don’t go to city, they don’t have the best stuff, sure their building are nice but they don’t put any work into maintaining a great catalogue of books.)

Not sure what I will be doing as of yet, but the one I am planning on going to has a wonderful magazine buffet so I may just let myself enjoy some binging as this is not my habit but I do enjoy it. Especially the food ones and the Wall Street Journal. 🙂

For the ones who brought you the most love stories on the planet, Happy Library lover’s day to you.