‘Everything Everything


I’m going to avoid spoilers here, but if I slip I apologize.

This movie is a book I read and here it is becoming a movie. I don’t read to watch like some might. I just read what is interesting. This was definitely interesting. To have this young woman (who kinda looks like me honestly) who is tired of being trapped and meets an interesting guy who wants to enjoy life with her…

Well that’s the dream right? Or the fairytale?


I do know that the story has quite a few twists and reading it was entertaining. I would actually have liked to see a 5-10 years later epilogue but I’m not demanding it. The story wrapped up okay. 

This isn’t “the fault in our stars”. I have not read that but with pinterest and people it wasn’t hard to guess how that ends. 

I will always prefer the happy ever afters or as close as we can get with a psychologist help. Looking at you ‘Hunger Games’.

I did read this book in a short time so if waiting till the last minute before watching the movie is what you do, that will be fine with this. Just don’t skip too much. I skipped a coupleasure of important paragraphs closer to the end because I was rushing to find out what happened and ended up having to go back anyway. Meh.