Self promise

Today I got this ring for myself.

After a little size debacle this $12 ring from Amazon is mine.

Past year was bad, promises to myself, long year short I wanted this as a promise to start taking care of myself and loving myself.

Most people are cool about this, it’s easy, a lot of people are selfish or just self-oriented. Some of us though have old files that say self-love is selfish instead of self-oriented. Tons of people who have said I am a bad person and need to act a fine line so I don’t hurt those around me. This caused stomach issues, neck pain and all kinds of emotional baggage and stilting. 

So here is my promise to me. Love and affection for God and myself first and then other people if I have enough in the tank. (I am slowly adding to the tank slowly I can give more to others as I would like to.)

Either way, happy.

Oh and I need to slowly oak this somewhere! I am taking a friend out for her 18th birthday. She doesn’t know but it will be her first trip to Disneyland. Her family and mine. We postponed from last Monday and I’m bursting. Had to ignore her today because all I could think of to say involved the words “we” and “disneyland”. I can apologize tomorrow. I’m barely making it though. Hahaha so exciting.