My neighbor died today

…I don’t have many people I know who have died.

I don’t know Debbie Reynods or her daughter, only of them. 

My cat died 

…and an uncle I wasn’t fond of…and his wife who I wasn’t close to, but thought was nice…

Death really isn’t something I am close to.

So I have some feelings but no real thoughts on the matter so I’m a little…off.

Tomorrow I’m supposed to go to a big party and right now all I can think is that my neighbors gone. We weren’t close but I don’t want to forget her either. I knew she wasn’t feeling well, and had left home because of it, but that’s different from the bomb of hearing that she is dead.

I even have this thought about going to her funeral…but I REALLY dislike them. Still, I want to honor her.

For those whose loved ones died last year, I wish I could send a hug. I don’t want to have anyone say they are sorry or condolences. Right now I…a hug seems the better thing. No one killed her so why should a sorry be said? It was cancer. 

I’m not sure what I will do. I was thinking of going out with my family and lifting a glass for her. Still not sure.