Johnny Cash

So first off I just saw the coolest post by ‘Dangerous woman-The Hero’s inferno’:

Wicked cool.

The picture at the top is worth seeing it alone, yeah?

Second note, has anyone noticed how much Johnny Cash is growing popularity?

I’m not exactly a fan, but when I hear his song on a tv show (The blacklist) or on a movie trailer (‘Logan’ and ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’), I listen to the same song for what seems like a solid week to a month.

Some of his things are…not my style, let’s just say (I walk the line).

Yet I do enjoy this sound that they play in the shows that make it seem like you are talking to this person in jail or at this bar in the middle of nowhere talking to a man in a motorcycle gang about his life. I see so many stories when I hear these songs, and they grow because these shows share them at just the right time. You can eat food at any time but when you connect certain foods to certain moments it makes eating them have a deeper flavor that extends past your tongue and his songs are doing it for me. 😉