I really like food, I’m a foodie. *shrugs*

However, the annoying thing about being a foodie is that ‘life is your oyster’, but people are the food critics. Everything and anything is up for debate. How I eat, what I eat, when I eat and all of it is based on the simplest of concepts: ‘This is how I live so you should too’.

This is so dumb.

In this heavily political time of America. Everyone is telling everyone else what they need to do, out of fear mostly.

When I have people tell me I shouldn’t eat McDonalds, it is so dumb. My metabolism is wicked high and if I go without food, especially high in calories, I get messed up. I start shaking and get irritable and am just not a nice person. Yet those same people really SHOULDN’T eat there as their metabolism isn’t the same as mine and it could potentially hurt them. With that do I also need to increase my exercise because my body is a wreck because of last year? Yes, but that doesn’t mean that I need to start forcing other people who didn’t go through an unhealthy last year to participate.

This is life and it has balance.

To criticize others based on your personal limitations isn’t helping the other person or you, just breaking the relationship. Wanting them to know you, that requires better language and most people do really want to know their family, friends and colleagues. If not out of love then just a need to ‘get along’ and not have their feet stepped on. (Did that rhyme? Pretty close.)

I love food and love thinking of new ways to eat it.

These two videos showcase a group who really speak to me in regards to food. Would I eat even half of what they made?

No. Maybe if I were paid, but by myself?


Still I want to see fun new ways to eat food. and that ice cream bar? I’m coming for you.