This weekend I went to Bibigo:

It’s a bibimbap restaurant in the Torrance mall. They did a whole new thing so there’s even a Pink’s hot dog there. However as a not-fan of Pink’s I wanted Great Kahn’s. As I walked forward I saw what I have been wanting to try for years.

All those years of watching kdramas crashed in on me at one time and the noodles were lost to me. (Plus the line there was 20 people deep and at Bibigo was 2.)

So I got the hot bowl which makes the under rice all crunchy like an o.g. bibi map should be. Then everything mild but the kimichi. (No kale, ugh) and lastly the wonderful bulgogi, no egg as I don’t eat them.

It was perfection. I had a moment unto myself. 

This simple dish collides together like a perfect Mozart piece, loud and beautiful. All the flavors and the feelings of waiting for it all made it super delicious. About $10 for it all.