Resident Evil: The last chapter

Today my pleasure was to see Resident Evil with mI padre. We have been watching the movie since maybe the 3rd or the 2nd I’m not sure. I actually saw the first one accidentally at someone’s house when I was way too young to be watching it, but it was still something that intrigued me. Not the zombies. What intrigued me was the technology that surrounded the entire concept. It is also the only horror type show that I watch. I get too jumpy.

The “jump scares” that are in so much of it us just the worst.

The other thing that I like, other than just the awesomeness of Alice, is the fact that she’s a woman. I know this is a bit cliche, “oh the girl likes watching movies with women in it”. Mi padre teases me about that. (Still not sure why…) the point for me is seeing a range of charachters. I think the same about Asian actors, and Indian…really any “minority”. If you look like Thor, I don’t really care, there are so many, but if you look like Shahrukh Kahn ( or Yoo Gang ( than please, step on up. I get bored easy with what they show, I want ALL the stories.

This movie was great, it really answered most of the questions from the whole series and I think was honestly a good rap of the series. Sure, I could go for another, but I won’t push it. I like how it finished and theregret was a lot of justice by the end. A lot of stupidity, yes, but it made since in some ways. I kind of would have liked to have an epilogue of like 10 years later like the Hunger Games had, but I was fine with what I had. I know it must be hard to such high action films for so long. I don’t know how these actors do it. Like Wolverine?? Sheesh, no wonder he’s saying he’s stopping soon.