‘Milk and Honey’

Ever we wish you could NOT read something. Wish you could go back and NOT hear something.

This book of poetry by Rupi Kaur was this for me.

This poetry that flowed like a story made me wish I had never picked it up. 

The heartbreak, the pain, the hurt that goes deep and corrupts all relationships thereafter…

It was a long held pain and heartbreak of my own. I knew this pain so well in ways that reading brought so clearly to light. Though not the same circumstances of childhood or even adult life I found her words like tasting a meal that tastes just like home or a sound that reminds you of a loved one who isn’t your life any more. 

Reading it was so much more of myself than I wanted to feel again. To hurt again.

It was beautiful and deep and life at its all, but all comes with pain and for that reason I wish I could unread it.

I’m not running from my past any more. Yet, still I see the damages that were left behind by it, and healing can seem more dreadful than leaving it alone.