So I love books, whatever man

I don’t like all kinds of stories, but I adore books.

Do I want to read classic? No, I’ve had enough, I want more references I quickly understand. Do I want too read 50 shades of anything? No, I prefer my books spanking free; I had enough as a kid they aren’t pleasurable to me. However, I still enjoy a full range.

I think that I am up on popular everything until I try to discuss books with another book lover and it is like we didn’t even grow up on the same planet. I mention books and they mention books and neither of the twain shall ever meet. I mean this happens with geeks too! It sucks.

A group of ladies from my church had this season of reading and trading the more popular books but even then, because I wasn’t on the list of those trading, I never got to talk about and of the books.

And I had read them! All of them!

Yet and still I cannot help, but love them. Even when I cannot share them, even when they are ‘trashy’, light, heavy, slightly boring, skipped the first few chapters, read only the first and last chapter, these stories make an impact and often supply just what I need in the season I am in.

So here is to you authors, screenwriters, illustrators, fanfic-ers ;P, bloggers, vloggers, youtubers and more.

I thank you.