It will be alright, b/c David Tennant says so

When I saw this, I whooped out loud.

Then it got deep, and somehow I simply wasn’t expecting this.

I have no idea what the ‘Last Leg’ is however, seeing this guy bust out some ‘real talk’ with real compassion, kindness and gentleness…

Can I be David Tennant when I grow up?

Yesterday I walked into my church thinking a bomb was going to go off because of Trump putting his immigration stand into place. There are some who agree, others who are vehemently opposed and I just didn’t want to deal with anyone.

My plan was to simply walk away from anyone who started talking about politics at all.

But then, nothing.


Not in the prayers, not in the sermon, not in the lunch after.

I had one moment where a friend made a small joke about chips and a wall and once I said ‘Don’t even’ she stopped and even apologized.

It was like getting a Fastpass at Disneyland for all the rides.

I didn’t know what to do with myself, so I just got on the rides I wanted to and went home. In other words I talked to the people I loved, left alone the ones I am only so-so about and went to the beach with a friend.

I really want to know what ‘Positively rebellious and rebelliously positive’ looks like in real time.

PS. what is up with that shirt? (Straight outta Paisley??)