Comedian of week: Trevor Noah

Finding comedy that makes me laugh out loud, literally, is hard. I am more the, smile politely type, rolling on the floor inside of my head. Also I don’t think a lot of American funny is at all funny. Example: Why is a man hurting himself funny? Maybe it is just me, but mi madre engrained this since of ‘helping’ in me and mi padre put in ‘serious’ and ’empathy’ so I am stuck with this sense of humor that is distinctly not American. Now that I am focusing on British humor I have found Trevor Noah, who is actually from South Africa.

This surprised the heck out of me because I saw him on Stephen Colbert’s show after he, Noah, got The Daily Show. I do not at all remember an accent and thought he was an American so when Youtube suggested him from the Apollo, I swore it wasn’t him.

It was.

As I’m listening to him, and he’s more and more funny I checked out his stats. Partly because I just didn’t believe it was him and the other was to make sure he was married.

He isn’t.

I’m not sure if other women do this but I usually check to see if a man is married who is a celebrity so that my hormones will shut up. If he’s married or at all involved my brain will shut off thinking about how cute he is and will just let me enjoy the funny.

His life according to Wikipedia, is radical. His mum should have a movie or at least one of those film of the week type things. She got SHOT IN THE HEAD….and lived. LIVED. I just want to see like a three hour movie split in half about her is all.

Noah talks about things that aren’t funny at all, gives them a spin and suddenly you are laughing and it just isn’t right. Like this one:

Not okay, but somehow funny because it is so surprising, I guess? Still not sure. Actually don’t want to over think this one. I can do that later when I’m in the overthinking part of my menstrual cycle. 🙂