This rain is EPIC!!!

I’m awake, just listening to the rain fall. I haven’t heard this kind of rain in years. Maybe since hail fell?

Now, I want to watch a movie with a cup of tea. 🙂 

This weekend I dealt with some friends who I am planning to put on a more superficial plan in my life. I have been wanting to build the frindship but the amount of effort I am putting in isn’t the same as there’s. It is difficult when I want to hang, it takes 3 months to find a date and then contacting them to get solid plans doesnt happen. 

I have another friend who is totally on board to hang, but at the moment she asked I was done with these other two that I told her “you handle it or you don’t”. I was trying to say that I am in no mood to make your decision for you if you want to hang out or not and if you want to then tell me but pleas dont put the ball in my court.

….but that’s not how it came out.

Saying what I want is difficult for me. Most of the time I am looking for what is best and not just what I am thinking or want to do.

Example: a group wants food.

I want legit chinese.

If it is not auto ignored, pushed aside or complained about, it takes forever to decide that yes we want to go. Once there and I’m hang at this point, I am expextend to remain lighthearted the entire time. Yet others can cop an attitude, be jerks, complain and just not be nice.

The easier option: force the group to decide what they want and just go with it. Better to have a mild time than an awful one.

This doesn’t work for my closet friends though, that want to know my opinion and are kind…so I have to get used to this.

Rain, rain, please rain some more.